Bike to Ballast Point

July 23, 2018 Sally Dee

The Sanctuary is nestled along the scenic highway of Bayshore Boulevard which is the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Once you cross the street from your home, you’ll have eight miles of paved waterfront trail with no concerns of car traffic to impede your relaxing bike ride.

Science shows that biking brings out certain hormones within our bodies that are the same hormones that fuel the emotions we call happiness and joy. You will feel the aftereffects of your bike ride long after the journey, especially if your bike routine leads you to Ballast Point Park.

Ballast Point Park has a bustling waterfront restaurant, pier, waterfront porch swings, indoor gym, boat/kayak launch and a playground for kids of all ages. Morning, noon, or night this park is filled with people enjoying the Bay breezes and taking a break from the stresses of their day.

The rocky shores are home to a variety of fish drawing fisherman and birds eager to find a tasty meal. The mullet jump, the herons look majestic as they hunt and the pelicans gracefully ride the wind. Hopping off your bike and sitting in the porch swing to take it all in will recharge your sense of purpose and peace. This is the place to watch the sunrise or set and remember that life is beautiful.

People are friendly here and always eager to share a conversation or two. The waterfront restaurant, Taste of Boston, keeps it simple with their coffee but is a great place to enjoy a cup of joe waterfront. They also serve ice cream cones and are known for their fried fish platters.

It is not uncommon to see pods of dolphins swim by when the tide is high, or the moon is full.

On weekends the park is full of families coming together and celebrating birthdays with a cookout and picnic under the shade of the gazebos. It’s easy to find the reminders that life is simple, nature is grand and joy is everywhere when you bike to Ballast Point Park.


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